Parkend Village

What is a Character Assessment?

As part of a Neighbourhood Development Plan it is necessary to look for characteristics that make up the area the plan relates to;

  • It is a document that describes the distinct appearance and feel of a settlement or area.
  • It communicates the key physical features and characteristics that combine to give a particular settlement or an area its local distinctiveness and unique identity.

How are they used?

These character assessments can be used by developers and their architects to help them understand the local character and progress sensitively designed proposals in keeping with the feel and appearance of the area. If necessary, it also helps protect against poor development options.

How are they done?

A resident or group of residents will go to a specific nominated area and take notes using set criteria and also photographs based on what they see. These are then typed up and added to the other assessments. 

Overviews have now been complied for each of the six villages covered by the Forest Edge South Neighbourhood Development Plan (FESNDP) 





Oldcroft and Viney Hill