Parkend Village

Contribute and Share in shaping our future.  This is an opportunity for Forest Edge South to produce a statutory planning document specific to our geographic area. It is a chance to influence and shape planning and development in our local area.

The final public consultation for the Forest Edge South Neighbourhood Plan is open until Jan 31st so follow these links to see what it is all about and submit your comments.
Start date: 05/12/23 09:00
End date: 30/01/24 17:00
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Thank you, everyone, for your support throughout this process to get it to these final stages. For more information please visit

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan (NP), previously called a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), is a document which relates to land use and planning issues. It is produced by people in the community for their community. Forest Edge South covers five areas – Pillowell, Oldcroft & Viney Hill, Whitecroft, Parkend and Yorkley and the vision for planning, polices, land allocation and defining specific facilities for each distinct area will be reflected in the final plan.

When it has gone through all the required stages, including examination and referendum, the NP becomes a statutory document. It will be referred to when planning applications are received for the geographic area covered by the Plan.

The NP focuses on shaping the new development needs of our area in a positive and sustainable manner and so contains maps, lists and policies relating to practical things such as:

  • provision of walking and cycling routes
  • design of buildings
  • traffic management
  • identification of sites for housing and facilities
  • new allotments
  • local green spaces e.g. wildlife, recreation and landscape areas

What has happened so far?

Over the past 3 years, members of the community have gathered information on the five areas concerning how we live, work, travel and interact with our unique part of Gloucestershire.  This information has been presented to the community through 3 very successful Consultation events and the steering group are now using your thoughts, ideas and opinions to form the draft vision, objectives and polices. Look out for information on the next round of Consultation events where we will feedback the results of the last Consultations and present the objectives and policies of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

This process will guide the development and preservation of buildings and communities by considering issues related to transport and roads, health, housing, recreation and everything else that affects life for residents in the location.

The latest minutes of the NP Steering Group where you can see the progress being made with the project can be found at 

If you would like to be involved in this process please check the village noticeboards, this Facebook page and flyers around the village for details or contact Elaine Highfield for further information.