GCC have again the film company permission to close the road between The Barracks and Speech House effectively closing the direct access to the Crematorium and Dilke Hospital. Any alternative route is only publicised at the start of the road closure with very little advance notice given or any public consultation. The dates are 30th Nov to 4th Dec and 11 Jan to 15th Jan see letters attached. No news yet about the 27 bus service which goes along this road.
We are in lockdown until Dec 2 when we will be going into Tier 2 so how does a film crew coming from anywhere in the country be allowed to potentially increase the infection rate in the Forest of Dean.
GCC response is that it helps promote tourism, benefits Speech House Hotel (parking, accommodation etc) and a donation made to Hearts of the Forest School. What about the impact this has on so many local people who use this road by car or bus to get to Cinderford etc.

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