Cinderford Vaccine Centre will be holding more 'drop in clinics' for the following groups:
Anyone aged 18 and over who has not yet had their first vaccination. All first doses will be the Pfizer vaccine.
For anyone who had their first vaccination at Cinderford on or before Sunday 13th June. This is for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca.
If attending for your second dose then you MUST have had your first dose on or before Sunday 13th June. If you attend and had your first dose after this date you will be turned away.
The drop in clinics will be held on:
Thursday 5th August - Between 15.00 and 19.30
Saturday 7th August - Between 08.40 and 12.40
No appointment is needed. However, due to the 'drop in nature' there may be a queue and you might need to wait a little while. (Those who have an appointment booked in for these days will be seen at their appointment time - let the staff at the centre know you have booked when you arrive)