Yorkley Health Centre
We have now opened up clinics for this years flu jabs!
All patients aged over 50, or those under 50 with 'serious lifelong health conditions' are eligible for a FREE flu vaccination this year.
We are running several flu clinics at both Yorkley and Bream in a similar fashion to last year. To keep Covid-19 safe we will once again be operating one-way systems and asking you to attend at specific times to help keep patients appropriately distanced.
There are appointments available to book on the following dates:
Yorkley Community Centre:  
30th September, 14th October, 21st October, 4th November.
Bream Doctors Surgery:
6th October, 27th October
Appointments can be made by telephone (lines tend to be more accessible in the afternoon) or, if over 50, online (those under 50 still need to call in to ensure you are eligible).
At present these appointments are for flu jabs only.
'Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters'.
Despite the widespread media discussion we are awaiting official NHS guidance on "booster jabs" and at this stage have no further information on who will be eligible, when they are available or how they will be given. At the time of writing, it is most likely that any booster vaccines will continue to be administered at the Cinderford Vaccination centre. For now, our flu clinics are for flu vaccines only. We will share any information we receive regarding booster jabs when we get it.