A new set of comprehensive documents relating to ecological aspects of our planning application has been submitted to FODDC
Any comments submitted that make representations for or against the application will be taken into account when the Council reaches its decision as will any previous representations made.
You can look at the additional information on the Council’s Website at www.fdean.gov.uk . Simply click on ‘planning’ then ‘View planning applications’’ and then the Public Access link. Click on the simple search screen and add the reference P1913/21/FUL you can then see a summary of the application details. If you wish to view plans and documents submitted with the application, click on the Documents tab. If you want to view any comments please click on the relevant tabs on the search screen.
You can make comments on any application in one of three ways:-
1. Through the website by clicking on ‘View Planning Applications’, then Public Access, enter the Planning reference number in the search field. Click on comments and complete the Log In process as instructed on the screen. In order to make a comment you must register and log into the system. This is the Council’s preferred method of communication and also gives you the opportunity to track progress with the application and view the Council’s decision.
2. By sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3. By sending a letter to the Planning Office.
Any comments should be made in writing quoting the above reference number by 25/08/22
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