DSC00085The front wall above the shop entrance has moved towards the footpath and road. It has therefore been classed by FODDC as a dangerous structure and the front wall has been lowered to above the porch and the external side and back walls are in the process of being lowered to the same level. DSC00078This is to protect the public from the danger of stones falling. It does not affect our Compulsory Purchase Order process which although delayed is still in the system. More photos will be added to this post when the work on the side and back walls has been finished.


At the Memorial Hall AGM on March 18th we are planning on having displays of the transport survey results, the young people's conversation meeting, groups that use the hall and also an historical display of the Memorial Hall and Sheward's shop buildings and how they were used.

If you have any photos that we could borrow to copy/scan and display we would be very grateful. Someone in a white Suzuki was talking to the demolition men and said they had a photo of when the shop was only single level and nothing in between it and the hall. We would love to see this and any other photos, programmes etc.

More details of the AGM to follow but we are planning on having food and
drink as well.